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Simple, Stress-Free Negotiation.

An online mediation tool for simple financial disputes.


We automate the negotiation process for you.

Our built-in templates and tools assist users in settling financial disputes without the unpredictable and often prohibitive costs associated with other options such as Small Claims Court or traditional mediation. 

Track Negotiations

Start and track your negotiation in a safe, secure online system.

Reach a Settlement

Reach a fair settlement without compromising your bottom-line.

Save Time

Save time and money negotiating simple financial disputes.

A perfect solution for settling small business disputes, collecting outstanding debt and negotiating with your landlord or tenant.

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How Condico Works

Make Your Offer

Start your negotiation by explaining your situation and how much money you want to give and/or receive in order to resolve your matter.

Negotiate Amount

We’ll contact the other party and they'll have up to 30 days to make a Condico with you based on an amount you’ve agreed to.

Reach a Condico

When the other party agrees to an amount within your range, you’ll be notified and a formal confirmation will be sent to each party.

About Condico & FAQ

Why use Condico?

Condico is an online mediation tool that automates the negotiation process and offers both parties a safe and easy way to reach a financial settlement when going to court is not a viable option. Our built in templates, tools and algorithms assist users in settling financial disputes without the costs associated with other options such as court or mediation. 

When should I use Condico?

Condico is an ideal tool for simple financial disputes. Our built-in algorithms are designed to automate the mediation process by arriving at an amount that is fair to each party. Typically these are situations where the cost and inconvenience associated with filing a lawsuit or pursuing Small Claims Court is greater than the amount being requested. 

How much does it cost?

Condico is completely free for all settlements under $1000. For settlements over and above $1000 in value, the initiator of a successful Condico is charged according to this fee schedule. 

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